Prestar - Winter 2018-19


Prestar - Winter 2018-19

from 471.00

1 hour a week, Tuesdays from 5:30pm - 6:20pm 

If an extra private day is selected, skater must decide to skate on Monday (3:30-5:20pm) or Wednesday (3:30-4:50pm) or Thursday (4:00-5:20PM). Cost for extra day is $265.00. Please contact coach to make arrangement.

This program is for the skaters who have completed the canskate program or who demonstrate the same level of skating. 

Cost Breakdown:

  • Group cost: $335.00 + $36.00 Skate Canada Fee + $50.00 Carnival fee + $50.00 for fundraising tickets (you will sell the tickets and get this money back)

  • Extra private day: Add $265.00 + cost of private lesson. 

Additional day:
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